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Telegram Crypto Alerts ⏰

Crypto price alert is a notification that pops up on your phone, telling you that the price of a currency has reached or is approaching a certain point.

we have three types of alerts:

  1. One time price alert: will send you a one time alert, when coin reach the specied price.
/alert BTC {price}
/alert BTC {price}
  1. By percent Alert: will send you alerts when currency reacches the value percent more or less
/alert BTC +5% for example will send you an alert when BTC increases 5% more.
/alert ETH -10% for example will send you an alert when ETH decreaeses 5% more. 
  1. Peridic Alerts: will send you recurrent alert happened every time.
/alert BTC h 10 0

We take price from online prices.